Boone Group // Builders of tomorrow
This short, snappy, motion graphic animated video was deployed by Metamer Studios in partnership Boone Group and the Department of Defense to encourage technology startup founders and entrepreneurs to get in touch and explore opportunities with DoD.

Roles On this project: Storyboard artist, Animator & Project Manager

Marleigh is Mindful - Peace of Mind // 4 Square Breathing
Marleigh is Mindful is an animated short-form video series for kids 5 to 8 years old. Thanks to a grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Peace of Mind partnered with Metamer Studios to adapt the popular children’s book Marleigh is Mindful, written by Linda Ryden and illustrated by Linda Ryden & Gigi Gonyea, into an animated series with 8 episodes completed and 9 more in development.
Hi I’m Marleigh! In this episode I share how sometimes I get nervous when I am about to perform with my dance troupe and how I use 4 square breathing to help myself relax and perform my dance routine! Let’s try it together!

Roles On this project: Storyboard artist, Animator & Project Manager

Politico // Global Translations Podcast Promo
Politico commissioned Metamer to help visualize its popular Global Translations podcast series for a discerning audience. With heavy motion-graphics treatment and mixed realistic imagery, this video is one of three created for the Global Translations series.
Roles On this project: Designer, Animator & Project Manager

Union Plus // What is Labor Day?
Labor Day is a holiday that many Americans spend relaxing in the company of friends and family. But What is Labor Day? This short, insightful animated explainer video takes viewers on a journey through the history and meaning behind one of America's favorite holidays.
Roles On this project: Designer, Storyboard artist, Animator & Project Manager

U.S. MADE // IPR Process
Model B and US MADE enlisted the help of Metamer Studio to design, develop, and animate a beautiful, 1-minute animated video explaining the USPTO’s IPR process, and its essential function to the U.S. Economy. 
Roles On this project: Designer, Storyboard artist, Animator & Project Manager

Union Plus// AT&T Program
Union Plus offers oodles of benefits for union members and union families. One of their programs, offered in partnership with AT&T, reduces monthly cell phone bills, waived activation fees, and discounts on phone accessories. This animated explainer video describes those benefits and illustrates how Union Plus helps union families stay connected. 
Roles On this project: Designer, Animator & Project Manager

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